Frequently Asked Questions

What courses can I book as a beginner without any knowledge?

Lindy Hop and Charleston „Sugar“ courses as well as crash courses can be attended without any skills. You can always check the exact descriptions and requirements under the respective course.

What is the target audience of the HappyFeet dance courses?

We welcome all people of all ages!

Do you offer wedding dances?

Yes! We have various packages. Please write us an email with the wedding date and possibly your ideas, and we will send you an estimation.

The dance course has already started. Can I still join?

It depends very much on your dance skills and how many classes you have already missed. Please contact us directly, we will answer your questions personally.

Can I book some private dance classes?

If you are interested in private classes, please contact us directly. We would be happy to send you our conditions.

Is there any dress code for a social dance?

The most important thing is – it should be comfortable and you should feel good! However, you will also see stylish dancers even at the simplest social dance events: with flies or suspenders, with dotted T-shirts, funny, colorful socks, pretty dresses and nice tights.
At some events, vintage clothing is desirable. We recommend to check the description of the events and try to follow the instructions. You will see – it will be a lot of fun to dance in a vintage atmosphere! Tip: take a change shirt with you ;)

Is there a student discount?

Yes, students with a valid student ID receive a 5 € discount.

Are there homework assignments?

We always advice to practice so that you can learn the new dance more effectively. There are various social dance events exaclty for this purpose, e.g. Sunday Night Fever in the studio or Swing and Cake in Weltcafé.

Are there classes on public holidays?

As a rule, we try to adapt our schedule to the holidays and public holidays as best as possible. There are even public holidays on which dancing is prohibited. Before you register, you are welcome to check the course dates! You can find them in every course description. Our HappyFeet calendar offers you a nice overview.

Are there courses for which only couples can register?

You can register as single participant for all of our courses, except the workshops „Aerials + Jumps“ – registration as a couple is required here.

I have a cold. Can I still attend the class?

We recommend staying at home because of the risk of infection (please read the terms and conditions). If you are no longer contagious and at the end of your cold, please let us know and do not change your dance partner. Cold or not cold, please always pay attention to hand hygiene and cough and sneeze conventions! We also provide disinfectant in the studio for free.

I already have good dance skills, what is the best course to take?

The Lindy Hop and Charleston courses are divided into three levels: Sugar, Cake and Cream. If you already have some dance skills (it depends on your level, of course), you can try our Cakes: Charleston Cake and Lindy Hop Cake. Please read our course descriptions carefully. You will also find interesting offers to improve your skills via e.g. „Final Poses & Dips“ or „Sweet up your Swingout“. Visit our workshop section for more details or email us.

I have no dance partner. Can I still register for the courses?

Of course! Swing dance is a social dance. This means that at the parties and therefore also in the courses, the partners are changed continuously. During the registration phase we try to organize the courses with enough leaders and followers.

Can I cancel the registration (e.g. due to illness or unpredictable appointments)?

Basically, when you register for a course, you accept our terms and conditions. In the case of a desired cancellation we will have to charge you staggered cancellation fee depending on the time of your cancellation. Please write us an email or approach us directly to discuss this topic.

Can I rent the HappyFeet Studio?

Yes, you can rent the studio depending on your purpose. Please send us an email with your request. We will send you a cost estimation, also combined with a HappyFeet program.

Can I try out a class before joining?

Our crash courses are designed exactly for this purpose! This is the best way to try Lindy Hop or Lindy-Charleston. In 2 hours you will learn everything you need to be able to dance straight away.

Do I have to register for a specific course or is there a monthly or quarterly subscription?

You can only book certain courses. We do not have any subscriptions.

Do I have to wear special shoes at social dance events?

Many events take place in dance schools with special dance floors. If we would dance on it with street shoes, the floor would be damaged pretty quickly. We also bring dirt and small stones from the street, which provoce discomfort under our dance soles, so it is no fun to dance on a slick, unclean parquet.

Are the roles in the partner dance possible for everyone? Or are they clearly assigned?

Everyone can register for any dance role. Men often start as leaders, women as followers and later learn the other role. Experienced dancers also like to change the dance roles.

When do your dance classes take place?

Our dance classes are normally in the evenings, so that all working people and students can attend. The weekend workshops are mostly in the afternoon. The exact times can be found in the dance course or workshop descriptions. The regular classes are on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

What do the terms Sugar, Cake and Cream mean for the Lindy Hop and Charleston courses?

The three terms reflect the levels of difficulty of each course.
In a Sugar course you will learn the first basic steps with leading and following, simple figures and variations.
At a Cake course you deepen your knowledge and learn more complicated, classic figures, paired with variations.
A Cream course offers more difficult, faster figures, beautiful toppings, stylings, fast beats and social dance. Here you will also learn to adapt your dance to the rhythm of the songs.

What does a Solo Jazz course offer?

Solo Jazz is the interpretation of Swing or Charleston music as an individual – your feet, knees, hips and arms will move, rotate, swing and spin! Jazz steps can also be built into your partner dance. You learn to dance more confidently.

What is Charleston?

Charleston, also known as Lindy Charleston partner dance, complements the Lindy Hop perfectly. If the tempo of the music becomes too fast, the footwork in the Lindy Charleston can be adjusted. Classic figures such as Tandem, Hand-2-Hand and Sailor Step are even more fun in Charleston.

What is the difference between Swing and Lindy Hop?

Swing is the generic term for all swing dances like Lindy Hop, Balboa, Shag, Boogie Woogie, Blues. Lindy Hop was the first swing dance and is the mother of all swing dances. Lindy Hop is the most danced in the world.

What is Lindy Hop?

Lindy Hop, the classic Swing dance, tends to be danced to slower music and offers space for fun and creativity, i.e. improvisation. As the tempo in the music increases, so does the energy in the dance.

What does rotation or partner change mean?

Every dance is based on communication between the leader and the follower. One of the most necessary skills for social dance is to adjust to the partner. Through the change, we train our skills to establish a proper contact with the new dance partner, to send and receive the leadership signals correctly. In addition, thanks to rotation, a dance is mastered much faster. Finally: Lindy Hop is a social dance, everyone dances with everyone and this tradition has existed since the 1920s!

What is Shim Sham?

The Shim Sham routine is actually part of a Tap dance sequence. Today this routine is called a kind of row dance and is part of the standard repertoire in Solo Jazz dance for many Lindy Hoppers. At large Swing events the Shim Sham is danced as a final dance or at the climax of the evening. The Shim Sham routine was spread around the globe by Frankie Manning, the ambassador of Lindy Hop!

What does social dancing mean and why is it important?

Be it Charleston or Lindy Hop – it is a lively social dance. The truth is already in the name: it’s not just about the dance, but also about the social aspect. By dancing together we strengthen our togetherness and enjoy the music and the movements. That’s exactly what social dance is for: we all come together and smile, dance, rotating, with energetic swing music!

What house rules should I respect?

All rules are sliced and communicated for each event. Please always check the description of the events and follow the instructions in the confirmation emails that you will receive after registration.
It is always important to make sure that all the windows are closed while the music is running and the doors are closed as soon as you walk in and out, so that it doesn’t get too loud and we don’t disturb our neighbors. Thank you.

What clothes are suitable for the dance class?

There is no dress code for classes We recommend comfortable clothing so that you can move freely and easily.

What shoes should I wear during the dance class and why?

It is very important to wear clean (changeable) shoes in the dance studio. A bit slippery sole will help you to dance and protect your knees. We recommend flat, comfortable shoes.

What dance courses are there at HappyFeet?

With us you can learn Solo Jazz, attend Lindy Hop and Charleston courses, and learn various swing routines, such as Shim Sham, Big Apple, Mama Stew. We also offer various workshops to improve specific dance skills such as Stealing, Follows‘ Variations , Final Poses & Dips, Sweet up your Swingout. You can find all the details under the sections Workshops and Courses. Do you have a topic that interests you? Let us know.

What payment options are there at HappyFeet?

There is currently the option of making a bank transfer for the respective course. After our confirmation email we ask you to pay the course fee within 5 days. You will receive the bank details by email.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

Please use our contact form to ask your questions:
Or write an email to
You can also reach us on Facebook:

Who is a follower?

A follower primarily follows the leader. Communication through leading enables the follower to follow the leader. However, in order for the follower to be able to dance his or her own dance, he or she needs free space. In contrast to other types of dance, the follower can and should actively shape the dance. Here you can add your own styling, respective to the music, improvised and communicated to the leader. Due to this improvised component every dance in social dance is unique.

Who is a leader?

The leader describes the leading part in couple dance and therefore decides on the order of the figures. A leader learns to coordinate several factors simultaneously: the follower, the song, the moves, the space, other dancers around him. Furthermore, a leader should also give the follower enough space to detach oneself and improvise freely and to give her dance a personal expression. This balance between communication and improvisation, with different followers and different songs requires experience that can be expanded with any social dance.

Who are the dance teachers?

Güneş Göker and Marcus Zieboll, passionate Swing dancers and founders of HappyFeet. You can find more information about the teachers here: Further HappyFeet team members, who support in teaching: Anthi, Nicole and Sam.

Will I receive a confirmation after the registration?

Yes, you will receive an email confirmation with the course details and request for payment, or an email with the information that you are on the waiting list. After confirmation, you can pay the course fee within a week. Shortly before the course starts, we send a reminder with information about clothing, shoes and others.

Will the photos and videos be posted on social media channels?

Yes, we regularly take photos and videos and also publish them on social media platforms. You will find this information in the entrance area of ​​the respective event. Please let us know if you don’t want to be photographed or filmed.

How is the class structured in general?

Each lesson starts with a warm up. Then we learn steps, figures and new variations, always in focus with music to gain our own experiences as quickly as possible. In between you will hear „high 5, change partner“ to learn and understand the typical swinging leading and following with other dance partners. Explanations and technical details on moves will be addressed permanently, step by step. The lesson ends with a series of stretching exercises to strengthen your body and improve your dance skills.

When can I take part in a social dance event?

You can always come to social dance, explore the situation and get to know the scene, even if you have learned your very first steps as a beginner. We recommend going directly to social dance after attending the course. It´s all about practice. The Lindy Hop scene is a very open, warm community worldwide! Here you will record the information visually, listen to the music and see the dancers moving accordingly, meet new people. The earlier you start participating in social dance, the more noticeable your dance progress will be.

How long is a dance class?

A dance class usually lasts 90 minutes. In some workshops the class is 90-120 minutes long. Whether 90 or 120 minutes – there is a little water break.

How often does the course take place?

A regular dance course spans 7 dates, once a week, 90 min.

How often are there social dance events at HappyFeet?

„Sunday Night Fever“ takes place every second Sunday evening of the month from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at Home of HappyFeet. More information in the HappyFeet Facebook group: happyfeetstuttgart /

Every 1st, 3rd and 5th Sunday of the month there is „Swing ´n´ Cake“, our popular social dance in Stuttgart in the very warm, cosmopolitan Weltcafé at Charlottenplatz 17. The start is always at 8p.m.! More information in the Swing and Cake Facebook group:

Where can I find HappyFeet’s schedule?

You can find all dates in our calendar: